Virtual reality simulates a complete virtual environment, placing you right into the action. Advanced electronic equipment and sensors create a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with in a realistic way – just like you’re actually there!
Different people experience VR in different ways. During our initial testing, beta testers felt motion sickness when playing in a VR environment for over six hours. If at any point during the gameplay you feel sick or nauseated, please do not hesitate to step out of the VR environment and take a breather.
We recommend new players start with a maximum of two hours per session. Once you are more experienced with the technology, you can make bookings for four hours or more.
Yes, you can wear glasses with our HTC Vive Stations. Our equipment fits over most frames, and you’ll definitely want to be seeing clearly while you play!
Our stations will provide all steam accounts (game accounts) for customers to enjoy their VR experience.
We currently have more than 42 games and experiences to choose from, including first person shooter, simulation, horror, sports, and so many more! We’re always on top of the latest releases, and receive new games on a monthly basis from Steam.
Absolutely! However, if you do not have either a Vive headset or Oculus Rift headset at home, we do not recommend spending the money on VR games. Our stations are equipped with all the games you need!
We recommend wearing loose clothing for maximum comfort on the VR platform. Since this is a totally realistic experience, you will be moving around. Imagine playing dodgeball in a suit… It won’t help your score!
We currently use the HTC Vive headset. We also have the Oculus Rift headset, and the Virtuix Omni motion platform. We’re always on top of the latest technology, and we’ll be bringing you the latest in VR tech as it becomes available.
We do not sell VR technology. Our locations are designed to provide you with an amazing experience, so you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment or games.
Yes! Every player will be set up with equipment in a separate gameplay space (so you aren’t bumping into each other!) But don’t worry, you can hear your friends and experience it with them in multi-player mode!
Yes; we want you to experience this with your friends! We have about half a dozen games intended for multiplayer, ranging from 2 to 6 players per game.
Our front lounge area allows people to rest and relax, or get together for birthday or corporate events, free of charge.
Absolutely. We have discord on every station, so players can talk and play together.

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